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Chopping Vegetables


Sabz restaurant brings the taste of Persia with a modern twist. Our chef has first hand experience and decades of assembly with a plethora of ingredients. The ethnic blends are infused with an arena of flavor. At Sabz restaurant, we have incorporated the cultural taste of Persian cuisine and fused it with the best twists of Mediterranean, Turkish, American, and Asian cuisines. The originality of our food will leave a long lasting effect and will bring you to crave our spread. We value our food, restaurant, and welcoming atmosphere. We are excited to share this with you after much hard work and dedication. Our dream is to share our wonderful food and table with the community. You are always welcome and remember, food is ready!




Whether you're in search of healthier options, dietary restrictions, or personal decisions - we have it all available. Our dishes are flavorful, filling and healthy - we have a mix of different dishes that will please any kind of craving. Choose from a lamb kebab to a vegan or vegetarian dish or to a pescaterian meal. We are always happy to accommodate your unique taste with our mix. Our head  chef has compiled a list of exquisite, exotic, and extraordinary ingredients and created a one-of-a-kind taste for your pleasure. We can not wait to share our experience with you. See you when the - food is ready!

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